Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update #2 - Peak Training Done!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Today marked the peak of my training program for the Boston Marathon. The Liver Team went out to the start line in Hopkinton and ran the first 21 miles of the course, ending just after cresting Heartbreak Hill in Newton. I am happy to report that while I'm a little sore from the effort, everything went smoothly.

It's been an amazing journey this winter - I can't believe it's almost done. Back in early December, the 18 week to the race seemed like such a long time. Now that it's almost over, I'm wondering where the time went. Through it all, I got to experience some amazingly diverse runs - 12 miles through a blizzard on Jan. 2, 17 miles through the Nor'easter that flooded Boston a few weeks ago, and an 18-miler in balmy 70 degree sunshine last weekend (I got a little roasted). I didn't have to use the dreadmill too much - only about 10 runs out of over 60 - and I only missed 4 scheduled runs. I stayed remarkably healthy through the winter - never had to miss a run due to a cold or flu (thank you vitamin D!). The legs feel pretty good (no lingering injuries or issues), although I will definitely benefit from tapering down the mileage as we get closer to April 19.

On the ride out to Hopkinton today, I was reminded how lucky I am to have my health back. We had a "patient match" on board the bus to inspire us - a young boy who is currently on the transplant list at Mass General Hospital. And on the run in, I ended up running with the president of the New England chapter of the American Liver Foundation. When I asked him how he became involved, I learned that his father had a liver transplant in 1999. But that liver was failing, so he was on the transplant list again. And he now needs a kidney transplant as well. I am so fortunate that I am now healthy enough to make this marathon attempt, but there are many people out there who are still battling illness. Seeing that young boy - who should have his whole life ahead of him if only he had a healthy liver - was a real gut check for me. So thank you again for your contributions - they WILL make a difference in these people's lives!

I will post more updates as we get closer to the race. For now, damn the torpedos - full speed ahead!

ps If you haven't checked it out yet, please visit my RFR page for more information about my quest.